Kamper Fabrication, Inc., Almond Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Kamper Fabrication, Inc. (KFI) designs almond processing plants and manufactures equipment lines for almond shelling, hulling and finish processing. We provide complete, turn-key almond processing facilities that are reliable and easy to operate. We have been designing, building and installing hullers/shellers and processing equipment for three decades. Our equipment includes precleaners, hullers, shellers, sizing lines, sorting lines, boxing lines, as well as other equipment specifically designed to meet your needs. Please contact us for a quotation.


We work closely with each customer to design, build and install a complete facility that is easy to operate.


We build our equipment for strength, reliability and efficiency.


Upgrade, expand or replace components with factory or custom-built parts.

Customer Service

Our knowledgable staff are ready to assist you. On-call technical support is available 24/7 during harvest.